THE SITUATION: Directors Statement

After exploring different narrative ideas, I became interested in creating a short film in which dialogue was the primary focal point of the characters. The resulting concept was to pit two characters against one another in a single public setting with no escape and slowly watch the unraveling of their interactions in real time.

THE SITUATION is a psychological drama with a film-noir twist, the films underpinnings centers around the cyclical nature of the quest for vengeance that all too often leads to an even harsher outcome.

Actresses Trin Miller and Bryant Ramsey collaborated closely with me through an intensive rehearsal process to build the underlying motivations that forms the relationship between characters. The exceptional Cinematographer Curt Apduhan and I worked closely to establish the distinction between controlled camera-work to further develop the personas of both characters. We embraced the restrictions of the script and focused on the ways in which subtle changes in camera movements, camera angles and compositions affect the building of tension as well as the audience’s deeper understanding of Allison’s bias to her cause as the story unfolds.

The script itself is firmly centered on the plight of Allison as we find her caught in the throws of a devastating personal revelation. At it’s heart, THE SITUATION is a character study that explores the powerful and complicated relationship between love and hate . The resulting confrontation reveals the depths of Allison’s despair and hatred of the dark event that eventually drives her to pursue the unthinkable. The collision of Allison and her past in the final minutes of the film is when the true nature of her character is revealed. In the end, the film ultimately asks the question: how well do we know ourselves when the quest of retribution takes over.

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