“THE MONGRELS” by Will Scott

The Mongrels

Premise:  At the close of WWII, Capt. Isaac “Brickyard” Clarke considered the best bomber pilot of the 477th Bombardment Group becomes an unknown candidate for ultra-top-secret mission unknown to his superiors.  After the Freeman Field race riots, Brickyard faces the reality that his career options are limited due to his race and considers retiring until a mysterious benefactor high above the military steps in with promises of a full command if he agrees to complete a covert operation.  Brickyard assumes the pilot and commander role of “Operation Tartaros”.

Very little of the mission is disclosed until the day of the operation. As the rest of the crew arrives for departure, Brickyard expecting the rest of the crew to be black is shocked to see that not only are some of the remaining crew white but are captured German Officers! An angry Brickyard confronts the mysterious government official who recruited him and asks the question “what am I supposed do with this “Mongrel” crew?’ The mysterious benefactor only replies, “That’s a perfect name for your group”.

As the Mongrel crew departs for their mission, the obvious tensions develop as racial and political differences take shape. It is until the crew’s mission objectives revealed that they become painfully aware that not only the success of the mission but their very survival depends on them working together. The destination of their mission takes them to a secret underground Nazi base in the furthest reaches of Antarctica. Their main objective is to beat the Russians to the base and prevent them from retrieving the technology that is stored there.

The artic base soon reveals the secret horrors of the Third Reich and strange technology and its purpose  begin to unravel the crews resolve. In the midst of retrieving, an item called the “Achlys”, the crew are faced with another obstacle as they accidentally discover that they are to be executed upon return as their knowledge makes them too dangerous to be left alive. This revelation forces the crew to forge a plan of survival and escape and the obligation emerges of what to do with the horrific contents of the base and what it would do to the world in the wrong hands.

Written by Will Scott.

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